Ten tips- What NOT to do at interview

Kennedy Scott's 10 top tips to follow at interview stage to ensure you do not jeopardize your job opportunity.

1. Do not be late.

2. Do not dress inappropriately, avoid looking too casual or untidy an employer will think you have a casual and laid back attitude to the job.

3. Do not criticise an ex-employer or blame anyone else for your situation.

4. Do not be negative about the job you are interviewing for – Employers want to see an enthusiastic and keen candidate not someone who looks like they have just burnt the winning lottery ticket.

5. Do not fail to prepare – as much as possible on everything – the location of the job, the opportunities, the challenges. Employers want to know you have thought carefully about the role.

6. Do not only focus on the material aspects – talking about salary and benefits will give them the wrong impression.

7. Do not admit to weaknesses or past failings but refer to areas in which you have developed if they ask you a question about your strengths and weaknesses.

8. Avoid drying up - prepare good answers and keep the interview flowing.

9. Do not spend too long thinking of the answer or talking too much.

10. Do not ignore the good advice of the professional employment support specialists such as Kennedy Scott, they have helped literally thousands of people into work and they do know what they are doing.