About Kennedy Scott

Teresa and the queenKennedy Scott was founded by Teresa Scott OBE in 1989, with the aim of supporting people to achieve their potential and progress in their careers and lives. This mission remains central to the organisation and everyone who works for us. This is embodied by the fact that Teresa still leads the business today, giving us the continuity to build on our proud history but also the drive to continue to innovate and deliver the best possible quality of service to those we seek to help.

In December 2018 Kennedy Scott became part of Fedcap and are now in the umbrella of Fedcap companies.

We are specialists in supporting those with the most complex barriers to find great jobs, where they can start to build successful careers. This includes our national DWP/ESF Prime Contract for Specialist Employability Support, where we serve those who require intensive and specialist advice and guidance that mainstream programmes do not deliver. We also deliver DWP/ESF Work and Health Programme, DWP/ESF Help to Work, DWP/ESF Journey2Work and the Tenancy Sustainment Programme for Southern Housing Group We have strong rates of performance which have propelled us to the top of the league tables on the majority of our contracts.

This performance is built on our core delivery strengths, which include:

  • Intensive support for the individual – through our Circle of Support© model we bring together all the relevant parties in someone’s life to work collaboratively and share responsibility for their journey into work
  • Employing exceptional staff and investing in their development – Kennedy Scott is an Investors in People Gold Award organisation
  • Strong relationships with employers, particularly SMEs, to whom we offer a range of support services and advice
  • Bespoke Employment Recruitment programmes designed to meet an employers needs

We are committed to maintaining this strong level of performance, while striving to find new ways to deliver even better services to those we support. We are on an ambitious growth footing, and are keen to work with those with the same aspirations and values as ourselves.

We believe our core values and mission statement are at the heart of our business.

Our mission statement is:

“High quality training and support for participants to identify and overcome barriers, facilitating their skills development to enable them to achieve their employment and training goals.”

We also promote the following values throughout the company:

  • Operate a viable and profitable company working to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism
  • Recruit, develop and value individuals and recognise their unique contribution to the organisation and its goals
  • Demonstrate respect and courtesy at all times and promote a culture where all are free to work and learn, safe from any form of abuse, harm or exploitation
  • Value and embrace diversity and offer equality of opportunity to all, directly and through our partners, to make a valuable contribution within the communities in which we work
  • Encourage initiative and creativity to promote a culture of continuous improvement
  • Develop through all individuals a culture of excellence in health, safety and environmental responsibility

We have also had the honour of winning of winning a number of awards over the years including:

  • National Training Awards 2007 – Metropolitan Police Recruitment Programme
  • ROSPA Silver Award 2012
  • Excellence in Public Procurement Award 2012/13 – Go Best Service Award Medium & Large Business – Highly Commended
  • ROSPA Silver Award 2013
  • Avanta Apprenticeship Programme Supporter 2013
  • Adult Learners' Week Bedfordshire and Luton Awards- ESF Achiever of the Year 2013 - Kennedy Scott Customer
  • ROSPA Silver Award 2014
  • Adult Learners' Week Bedfordshire and Luton Awards -ESF Achiever of the Year 2014 - Kennedy Scott Customer
  • ROSPA Gold Award 2015
  • ERSA Learner of the Year Award 2015 Winner: Julie Eastwood (Kennedy Scott Manager)
  • Adult Learners' Week Bedfordshire and Luton Awards – Learning into Work and Adult Learning Champion Awards 2015 - Artur Golinski (Kennedy Scott customer)
  • Adult Learners' Week Bedfordshire and Luton Awards – Lifelong Learner Award 2015 - Mandy Speight (Kennedy Scott customer)
  • Network She Foundation Awards 2016 – Business Woman of the Year Teresa Scott
  • ERSA Awards 2016 - Significant Achievement Award - Winner: Sharne Mulley (Kennedy Scott customer)
  • ERSA Awards 2016 – Lifetime Achievement Award - Winner: Teresa Scott
  • ERSA Awards 2016 - Disability and Health Employment - Finalist
  • ERSA Awards 2017 - Disability and Health Employment – Finalist
  • ERSA Awards 2018 - Small Employer of the Year - Winner: Roses Homecare (Kennedy Scott nomination)
  • ERSA Awards 2018 - Significant Achievement - Highly Commended: Ruby Pepper (Kennedy Scott customer)
  • ERSA Awards 2018 - Disability and Health Employment - Finalist
  • ERSA Awards 2018 - Advisor of the Year- Finalist: Mark Turnbull (Kennedy Scott advisor)
  • ERSA Awards 2018 - Partner of the Year Award - Finalist: Enterprise (Kennedy Scott nomination)
  • ERSA Awards 2019 - Disability and Health Award - Finalist
  • ERSA Awards 2019 - Partner of the Year - Finalist: SETAS - Finalist (Kennedy Scott nomination)