Apply to be a partner

All Kennedy Scott’s partners are selected from the KS Partner Network. To join our Network, please fill out a short Expression of Interest form. Once accepted onto the Network, all relevant opportunities to partner with KS will be advertised to you. Each opportunity will have its own Call for Proposal process - generally a more detailed form, enabling us to select the best, most appropriate supply chains for each opportunity.

Once the Expression of Interest is submitted, we will undertake checks and provide you with a response within five working days. Following acceptance onto the network, you will be a member of the network indefinitely.

You will also be able to visit our opportunities page to see what we are working on, download relevant information and call for proposal forms.

For any enquiries or for more information about the KS Partnership Network please email

Kennedy Scott holds the Merlin accreditation and abides by all principles of the Merlin Standard. This includes abiding by the Merlin dispute resolution process that can be found here