Tenancy Sustainment Project

Working links cynergy cynergy working links 015 tif 22837315004The tenancy sustainment project is designed to prevent a tenancy agreement coming to a premature end, by providing relevant information, advice and guidance to families and single adult residents to make sure continue living in their home.

If the Housing Service Manager's have concerns about their residents or feel they may be at risk of losing their home which may result in them not accessing the relevant support such as:

  • support services
  • mental health
  • physical and emotional / wellbeing difficulties
  • drug / alcohol misuse issues
  • isolation, wider family network strained
  • parenting issues
  • financial concerns
  • limited or no aspiration.

We will work with the residents to understand their circumstances, change in behaviour, identify what their barriers are so that we can provide the right type of support to reengage them.

We will provide a holistic service that will offer residents a circle of support to help them reconnect with the community, develop friendships and reconnect with families.

We will provide practical and therapeutic support to make sure residents leave the programme feeling more positive about their future and in a better position to sustain their tenancy in the future by:

  • accessing local and wider community and relevant support services.
  • having a closer relationship with Southern Housing Group.
  • having the ability to access opportunities for their own personal development.
  • having strength to overcome any challenges they may face.