Tenancy Sustainment Project

ShgKennedy Scott are working with Southern Housing Group to deliver a new Tenancy Sustainment Project, which will be available to all Southern Housing Group residents who are in crisis and live in a London borough.

Kennedy Scott will be providing a face to face service to the whole household who for numerous reasons may need additional support in order to maintain their tenancy. These may include for example rent arrears, complaints from neighbours, safeguarding concerns and non-engagement with Southern Housing staff.

The primary objectives for this project are that customers are able to engage positively with the local and wider community; access relevant services; build a stronger support system; develop better communication and improved relationships with SHG housing teams; and are able to access opportunities for their own development, where appropriate.

Kennedy Scott are passionate about helping people in a disadvantaged background, and are excited to have the opportunity to prove the adaptability and success of our innovative Circle of Support© model, which will be key to helping Southern Housing tenants recover from any crisis they are experiencing. The Circle of Support© is designed to provide each individual customer with a personalised, wrap-around support network. It is made up of people including but not limited to: the customer; friends and family, housing association staff; Kennedy Scott staff and representatives from other relevant organisations (e.g. Jobcentre Plus, NHS, probation).

This model ensures:

  • A personalised service, with dedicated support worker to provide supported interventions and deliver bespoke engagement.
  • A sustainable support network, crafted to help Southern Housing tenants overcome their barriers and sustain their tenancy going forward long after the programme has finished.
  • A shared vision between multiple agencies, family and friends.
  • A multidisciplinary approach, with caseload conferencing promoting effective decision-making and improved outcomes.

This model is designed to help the customer see their problems and overcome them, leading to a dynamic support network being put in place long so that after Kennedy Scott have moved on customers are able to manage any crisis that occur.