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Remploy is the UK’s leading disability specialist, with more than 70 years of experience delivering employment and skills support. Remploy was established in 1944 following the introduction of the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act, the aim of which was to provide employment for people injured during the war and coal miners with health conditions. As a government-owned business, they provided direct employment for disabled people in a national network of factories. The first factory opened in 1946 in Bridgend, South Wales making violins and the network developed over several decades. Recognising that social attitudes to disability were changing, in the late 1980s, they started to develop programmes to support disabled people into mainstream employment with other businesses. Remploy work as a subcontractor for Kennedy Scott on the DWP/ESF Specialist Employability Support programme covering North Wales.


Momentum Skills provides vocational rehabilitation and training services, empowering people with disabilities and those who are excluded to gain the skills they need to live independently and to gain access to employment. Established in 1990, Momentum Skills now operates from 16 locations across the UK and assists some 2,500 people to achieve their goals each year. Momentum Skills founds all of its services on the fundamental principle that the service user, and those closest to him or her, are the primary authorities on what the person wants from life. The organisation adheres to the core values of independence, community integration, social and economic inclusion, empowerment, and choice. Our services build upon the individual’s values and aspirations, rather than them being expected to adapt to or accept what is already provided. The individual is the focus of what is possible, not the existing institutions. Momentum work as a subcontractor for Kennedy Scott on the DWP/ESF Specialist Employability Support programme covering Scotland.

Enterprise Mentoring CIC
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Enterprise aims to provide client-centered training and support mechanisms to enable people with a disadvantage to unlock their full potential through starting their own business. Every year they work with a number of individuals, across the UK, who face a variety of barriers due to disability, ill health or social circumstance. Their approach is based on rigorous research and consultation, always keeping the principle of serving our client group at the heart of everything we do. Enterprise work as a subcontractor for Kennedy Scott on the DWP/ESF Specialist Employability Support programme covering self-employment support on a national basis.

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Abilities are an established training provider with over 20 years’ experience in helping people back into employment. We are a non-profit making charity working closely with local communities and businesses to help and support people back into work. Initially, Abilities was set up to help people with disabilities re-train and find sustainable employment; they have since expanded to cover the long-term unemployed, young people and lone parents amongst others. One of their main strengths is that we treat all their clients as individuals and tailor activities to suit their needs. Abilities work as a subcontractor for Kennedy Scott on the DWP/ESF Specialist Employability Support programme covering south-west England.

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Setas employ the best people to deliver specialist employment, health, well-being and training services to people that need support, advice and guidance. Setas are signed up as a mindful employer meaning they strive to achieve excellence in how they support their employees and how they understand mental health. They are also committed to the disability confident initiative. Setas work as a subcontractor for Kennedy Scott on the DWP/ESF Help to Work programme.

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Obair are based in Scotland and Obair means “work” in Gaelic. They provide best-practice, end-to-end support for individuals following injury, illness or who have a health condition, helping them and their employers meet the challenges of their changed circumstances. Obair take a customised and objective approach to identify whether someone is fit or unfit for work, going beyond what is often currently offered in the UK. Their practitioners are world-class experts in the field of vocational rehabilitation with a detailed understanding of the elements required when considering capacity for work. Obair work as a subcontractor for Kennedy Scott on the DWP/ESF Help to Work programme.

Active Oxfordshire
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Oxfordshire Sport and Physical Activity is the County Sport Partnership (CSP) for Oxfordshire. Their focus is to work with partners and stakeholders to add value and increase participation in sport and physical activity in Oxfordshire. OXSPA represents and supports key partners in providing sport and active recreation opportunities for Oxfordshire so that everyone can participate in sport and active recreation and reach their full potential. OXSPA brings partners together to enable a greater impact upon increasing participation in sport and physical activity by providing additional resources, boosting capacity, sharing best practice, developing data insight and having a close relationship with Sport England. They are committed to making sport and active recreation accessible to all sections of the community and promoting the safety and welfare of children engaged in sporting activities locally. OXSPA work as a subcontractor for Kennedy Scott on the OxForward programme.


PcgPCG Technology Solutions (PCG) provides industry-leading web-based solutions for the health and social care sectors. Its technologies help empower and enable people to be independent, take charge of their lives, and to have choice and control over their care, support and wellbeing. PCG was the first to market with an eMarketplace for social care, and since then they have remained at the forefront of that sector whilst developing innovative personalisation solutions for other sectors. Together, we have built www.helptowork.co.uk which empowers our jobseekers to find and purchase specific products or support that will help them get into long-term employment.

SR Employment

Sr employmentSR Employment works in partnership with colleges, local authorities, welfare to work providers and training providers across London to introduce fantastic job opportunities to jobseekers keen to secure sustainable employment. SR Employment has a very high success rate of matching suitable candidates into real vacancies, as a result creating sustainable employment at a very cost effective rate.

Genius Within

Genius Within CIC is a social enterprise established in 2011 to help people with neurodiversity to fulfill their potential in employment and their careers. Neurodiversity creates strengths that can benefit workplaces and communities. We are working towards a future where all adults with neurodiversity will be able to maximise their potential and work to their strengths; where those with problems at work or in custody receive the diagnosis, coaching and support that they need.