Employment Support Specialists-Success

By CEO Teresa Scott

People frequently ask why Kennedy Scott is one of the most successful organisations at getting people back into sustainable long-term employment. Indeed this is something we analyse all the time.

In our experience it is not down to just one thing. It is a number of critical elements which combine to restore the customers’ confidence and provide them with the skills they need to do the best job for themselves.

Above all it is important to believe in the customer, for they have more often than not lost belief in themselves. This is not helped by the negative attitude of the popular press portraying the long term unemployed as “Dole Bludgers” or “Lazy”. In my 25 year experience it is rarely this simplistic and people find themselves unemployed for a myriad of reasons so kicking them when they are down is most unhelpful.

Our dedicated staff at Kennedy Scott work hard to address all of the issues which prevent a customer getting a job, which can be anything from benefit queries to travel concerns, or more serious barriers such as anxiety, depression or even homelessness.

We have helped thousands of people over the years turn their lives around and take that first step towards a journey that will give them back their self-esteem, independence and future security and stability.

If you are unemployed and need some assistance you can call us on 01923 712817 for further information.