25 years as CEO at Kennedy Scott- Teresa Scott MBa

By CEO Teresa Scott

There have been many highlights from my 25 years as CEO of Kennedy Scott but one sticks in my mind:-

A few years ago Kennedy Scott designed and delivered a unique training programme for the Public Carriage Office. It was an experiment to see if we could fast track unemployed customers though the Black Taxi training called “The London Knowledge”, to attain the coveted Green Badge which enables you to drive a Black Taxi in central London. A green badge traditionally took 3-5 years to achieve and participants were usually on benefits during this time. We were tasked with accelerating the learning so that customers graduated in 18mths to 2 years, subsequently earning a good income and coming off benefits much more quickly than they would have historically. The programme was a success with huge buy-in from our committed customers, the Jobcentres across London and the PCO.

One of the highlights of the last 25 years came when I was waiting to cross the road at Paddington station. A Black Taxi crossed in front of me and I immediately recognised the cabbie, as Ali, an ex-customer whom we had trained to attain the much coveted Green Badge. I have to admit that really did bring a lump to my throat to think we had turned his life around, taking him off benefits for good, helping him to achieve a solid well paid career for the rest of his life.

I would like to see Kennedy Scott continue to grow and raise awareness of the issues surrounding unemployment in the UK and the wider global economy. Kennedy Scott are committed to championing the cause of unemployed people, highlighting their strengths and skills, whatever stage they may be in their life, promoting the benefits of employing someone who has had a career break or struggled to find work. I would also personally like to see more focus on Graduate employment support, after all we have invested in these young people and it is a complete waste not to equip them with the skills to attain a worthwhile career opportunity.

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