Joan becomes wiser and confident with support from Kennedy Scott

Joan joined Journey2Work programme in April 2019 and in her time with us she has made incredible progress.

Why did Joan join the Journey2Work programme?

Joan was referred to Kennedy Scott by her Universal Credit Adviser. She needed help with jobsearch along with employability skills to give her the tools to secure sustainable employment.

Joan has been out of employment for over ten years as she had been caring for her son who needed around the clock care and support since birth. Since her son moved into a specialist hospital, Joan has been looking to get back into employment but didn’t know where to begin.

Having been unemployed for a long period of time, Joan did not have a professional reference and did not know how to acquire one. She was consistently rejected by employers for lack of experience.

How Journey2Work helped?

Joan was introduced to Zavery Tito, ChangeCoach in our London office who explained how Journey2Work supports people back into work. Zavery was able to provide a personalised skills analysis to find out more about her barriers and what support she would need.

Joan expressed that she wanted to gain work in care as she believed the skills she gained from supporting her son would help. Zavery put her forward for IT skills training however she was unable to complete it due to her son needing care.

Journey2Work supported Joan with her social skills and create a CV. Joan was introduced to a care employer who works in partnership with the programme.

Joan always felt nervous at the thought of being around people or attending training sessions. Zavery needed to work on her confidence so started to introduce her to large groups slowly, working at a pace comfortable for Joan.

Getting the job

With support from Journey2WorK, Joan has improved her presentation skills. She takes care over her appearance and has learnt how to communicate with people efficiently.

Joan secured a number of job interviews and with the support from Zavery she felt prepared – she knew how to conduct herself and felt confident enough to showcase her skills. She has recently completed a three-day training course with a local care company.

Zavery was delighted with the progress Joan has made. He said “From being a fearful and shy person, Joan has turned into a confident and wiser woman who will gain employment in no time now that she is equipped with the tools she needs.”

Joan is very grateful for the support she’s received so far and is determined to continue her journey back to work.