Italian man finds work through OxForward

Andrea aged 37, joined Kennedy Scott’s OxForward programme in February 2018, he had only lived in the UK for the past few years, originally coming from Italy. Andrea was also disabled, having suffered from a stroke at the age of 30, so he needed the extra support OxForward gives in helping disabled people find work. Andrea said, “I had been unemployed since 2011 and moved to the UK in 2015. Since then I had just been doing volunteering roles.”

When an Andrea came to OxForward he was met by Dawn, who was assigned as his Caseworker. Dawn said, “When Andrea had his initial assessment I discovered that he wasn’t claiming any of the benefits that he was entitled to and that his CV needed some updating”. With Dawn’s help, Andrea’s CV was updated and she helped him apply for benefits. Andrea said, “Dawn was a great help. I didn’t really know what I was doing until I met her. She helped me with the benefits that I didn’t even know I was entitled too and she gave me the strength I needed to look for a job. She also made me aware there was a place for me out there in the job market even with my disability.”

With Andrea’s CV updated, we worked on building his confidence and interview skills through one-to-one sessions. With his CV updated he soon started to find work again and was offered two interviews, which he was unfortunately unsuccessful for. Dawn said, “Although he was unsuccessful for the jobs it didn’t get him down, we just worked on his interview techniques further, so that the next time he went for an interview they would hopefully go better.”

Dawn received a phone call from Audit Care, an employer we have used before in OxForward, who was asking if we had anybody who would be good for a role they needed filling. Dawn immediately thought of Andrea, and put him in touch with the employer. Andrea went for an interview with the employer where he was offered a half day work trial. Dawn said, “Andrea really impressed Audit Care at his work trial and after a short deliberation they phoned him the next day to offer him the job”.

After being offered the job Andrea said: “I was so thrilled when I was offered the job, although I was a bit nervous after being out of work for so long, but Dawn alleviated my concerns”. Andrea started his job role in April 2018 as a Care Assistant. Andrea said, “It was great finally being back in work and I owe so much to Dawn and OxForward for helping me. It’s hard work being back in work again and it’s hard on my body, but I feel complete. Kennedy Scott has helped me so much and I would highly recommend them to anyone!”