Nathan finds the key to successes by starting his own business

Nathan, 25, from Kent, joined Kennedy Scott’s European Social Funded Work Programme in June 2016. Nathan had previously suffered from depression, had a difficult upbringing and he had been on benefits his whole life having never previously been employed.

When Nathan was initially referred to Kennedy Scott he was quite reluctant to come because he didn’t understand how the programme could help him. His assigned Employment Consultant, Lizzie worked hard to find subjects Nathan was passionate about including DNA activations and spiritual readings in order to encourage him to attend. During the course of their sessions together Lizzie spoke about the possibility of marketing his products and services. With this in mind they worked together to create an action plan and set goals for him to achieve. Lizzie said she would, “often set him a goal and encourage him, saying come on Nathan you can do this by Christmas”. With his consultant’s continued support and encouragement Nathan created his own business plan, initially starting off small and keeping the number of hours below 16 as he was reluctant to sign off benefits due to fear of losing this safety net.

Over time Nathan’s confidence grew and he took on more clients: “Lizzie was fantastic. She gave me the confidence boost I needed.” Soon Nathan was working enough hours to come off benefits and says, “It’s changed my life doing something I love. Before doing this I felt frustrated, annoyed and I just didn’t know what to do with myself.” Lizzie said, “When Nathan came in to tell us he closing his ESA claim, I was overjoyed for him. He has worked so hard for this it’s such a brilliant achievement!”

Nathan now runs his own business as a self-employed spiritual teacher and Sovereignty Therapist. Nathan describes his business as one which, “Helps people like me who have troubles by using intuitive reading and healing techniques.” When looking back on his time with Kennedy Scott Nathan says, “I was very reluctant at first when I was initially referred to Kennedy Scott but the help I got from them was amazing and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

To find out more about what Nathan does you can go to his website at