Kennedy Scott's Work Programme gives Sharne a clean break

Sharne Mulley found full-time work and transformed her life with the help of Kennedy Scott.

Sharne, 32, a single parent from the West Malling area, left work in 2006 to become a full-time mother. She struggled to find work and spent most of her time travelling between Maidstone and London to attend hospital appointments with her young child. Sharne said that she felt like she was simply “existing and not living”.

She joined Kennedy Scott’s Work Programme in late 2014 and received intense employability support, which included help to update her CV, write cover letters and search for suitable vacancies. In early 2016, Sharne was delighted to secure a full-time position as a Retail Cleaner, working for TC Facilities Management, a nationwide FM company, based in Surrey.

Sharne, who has since been promoted to a managerial role, received the 2016 Employment Related Services Association’s prestigious Significant Achievement Award. She was nominated by her Kennedy Scott Advisor, Julie, for her dedication to finding work and continuous progression, despite having significant personal barriers at the start of her journey back to work.

Sharne’s Employment Consultant has described the real change that she has seen in her, from “insecure, pessimistic and nervous” to “a positive, bubbly, confident woman who was willing to throw herself into her job search”.

Sharne has been particularly grateful for the work she did with Kennedy Scott, without which she says she would still be “lost in the system” and so she has decided to give back. Keen to share her experience and inspire others, Sharne has since returned to Kennedy Scott to deliver a voluntary lone parent forum, sharing her experience to try to help other single parents to move into lasting work.

Sharne has said that being back in employment has provided her with a better life for herself and her family and that she is “proud to be supporting my family and no longer reliant on benefits”.

She continued: “Kennedy Scott helped me overcome my fears about going back to work; Julie helped with my confidence and even some personal issues, as well as CV writing, interview skills and job hunting - I'm glad such a place is around”.

According to her employer, Area Manager Emmanuel Ikwetie, Sharne has fast become a valuable asset to the company.

Ikwetie said: “Sharne is an exceptional member of my team, her passion and dedication in carrying out her work is quite compelling. Working with her has been a blessing and I am happy to have her as one of my managers.”

Sharne’s story of achievement encapsulates what for many of us at Kennedy Scott is all about. Through the right help and with the right attitude Sharne has overcome significant and multiple barriers to secure sustained employment and this has brought about a transformation in her life to the extent that she now proactively wants to give back by mentoring other lone parents.