David has a better outlook on life after securing a position in IT

A Barnet man, who was unemployed for two and a half years has found work as an IT Administrator in Kennedy Scott’s IT Department.

Just months ago, 56-year-old David was suffering from anxiety and stress-related tremors which he feared would hinder his chances of securing work. In April, he was referred to Kennedy Scott’s Specialist Employability Support programme, by his local jobcentre; part- funded by the European Social Fund and delivered nationally it provides employment support for jobseekers with a disability and is specifically tailored to the individual.

David said: “Until recently, I was in the unfortunate situation of being long-term unemployed due to a supposedly long-term degenerative neurological condition. I had experienced difficulty in walking, writing and maintaining balance.

“When I felt anxious I would tremble noticeably. I was starting to wonder if I would ever be ready to attempt job-searching again and how I would manage the stress of a job interview”.

David met with his Kennedy Scott caseworker, Sam Baker, at his local Jobcentre on a regular basis. Together they reviewed David’s job goals and Sam took the time to get an understanding of how he could best support David into a career where he could comfortably manage his condition and progress.

David said: “Sam was very easy-going, which helped me control my stress and anxiety and in turn helped me to regain my confidence.

“It was important to me that potential employers were made aware of the possible difficulties I could experience with my tremors, given the stress of a job interview. To his credit, this is a pivotal point that Sam didn’t just hear, but understood and took on board as part of his mission to help me”.

Sam sought an opportunity through Kennedy Scott after he spotted a job opening on the company website that matched David’s skills. After a successful interview, he was offered a full-time position in their Watford-based IT Department.

David said: “I cannot remember a time when I have felt this happy to be working. My confidence and self-worth continue to increase and I am improving my skills and knowledge”.

David’s Manager, Head of IT and Facilities at Kennedy Scott, Danny Bagley said: “David has been an excellent addition to the team. He is hard-working and willing to learn and has been fantastic in supporting the administration duties and extra demands we now receive as the result of being a growing organisation.”