Stuart is packing bags of confidence in his new warehouse role

Stuart, is our latest customer on the Specialist Employability Support programme, part-financed by the European Social Fund, to have benefited from our holistic Circle of Support Model after finding work and experiencing increased confidence.

The Circle of Support model brings together all relevant parties in an individual’s life to provide a unified approach, share responsibility and form a constant bedrock of support. This can include friends and family, a Kennedy Scott Caseworker, a Kennedy Scott Employer Account Manager, a Central YMCA Activity Coordinator, disability specialists and representatives from other relevant organisations.

Stuart, who had spent the last two years out of work, has secured his dream job as a Warehouse Operative at a large distribution warehouse in Willenhall, West Midlands. He has since been described as a model employee, taking huge strides in the workplace, but this is a world away from the Stuart we first met in March 2016.

Referred by his local Jobcentre, Stuart lacked confidence, and felt uncomfortable meeting new people, with a particular difficulty working in groups. To help him overcome his apprehension, we worked closely with him on a 1-2-1 basis.

Stuart’s partner, Nicky, helped to form part of his Circle of Support, regularly attending his meetings until he felt confident enough to come alone. This helped to take away Stuart’s initial fear and anxiety.

Stuart’s Caseworker helped him to polish his CV and tailor it to Warehouse job positions- Stuart’s chosen field of work. He was then taught and supported with uploading his CV onto a number of jobsites.

An opportunity for Stuart was identified by the YMCA Activity Coordinator, whose job it is to network with local employers and source relevant opportunities for our customers, together they created a tailored application to give Stuart the best chance. A week later, he was invited to interview and was given mock practise in preparation. After impressing the employer, Stuart was offered the job the same day.

Kennedy Scott continues to support Stuart in the Workplace, lending additional support when and if needed. As a result we have received positive feedback from Stuart's Manager who describes him as: “having the right attitude to work, always punctual, respectful and eager to learn- give me ten more Stuarts.”

Stuart couldn’t be happier in work and it clearly demonstrates the benefit SES has had not only on his financial situation but his confidence and self-esteem too. He is now looking forward to a better life for him and his family. He has since been back to thank staff at Kennedy Scott: “Thank you for everything you have all done for me and Nicky. We are so grateful.”