David rises to the challenge

David, 25, has found the recipe to success working as a Chef, following a four year struggle to secure permanent employment.

David, who lives in Huddersfield with his partner and two children, was referred onto Kennedy Scott’s Specialist Employability Support (SES) programme by his local Jobcentre Plus.

Previously, David’s dyslexia caused him to feel anxious about finding work but with consistent support from his Caseworker and personal Circle of Support, he was able to overcome this barrier.

David’s Caseworker helped him search for employment to match his skills and job goals. David had previous experience working in a pub and with the support of his Activity Coordinator he arranged relevant training to help him return to the industry.

David was given a work trial at a nearby pub and not long after secured employment after impressing Management staff.

David continues to progress in his role, gaining valuable experience in a professional kitchen and stepping into the role of Head Chef when required. He often works under pressure, but with Kennedy Scott’s continued in-work support he is able to manage this in the right way.

Kennedy Scott works closely with David’s Manager to ensure that there is the right support in place to help him manage his dyslexia.

*SES is part- funded by the European Social Fund