Employer Testimonial- Millbrook Healthcare, Hemel Hempstead

Paul Watson, Operations/Contracts Manager

Millbrook Healthcare and Kennedy Scott have enjoyed an excellent working relationship with regards to recruitment over the last 4 years.

In this time 5 clients have successfully secured employment in different areas of the company and are still there today. From drivers, to mechanical repairers and call centre staff, Paul Watson has consistently utilised the services of KS in Hemel Hempstead to recruit suitable and experienced staff in various areas of the organisation.

Based in Hemel Hempstead, the original company of Beard Brothers was a specialist local company supplying wheelchairs since 1881. 14 years ago the company was bought by Millbrook Healthcare and its expertise and knowledge incorporated into the wider remit of the holding company. With over 450 employees company-wide and an annual sales turnover of over £30 million pounds, Paul is a busy man. The Hemel depot supports an NHS contract by means of a call centre connecting over 36,000 NHS service users. From here repairs of NHS equipment are carried out, refurbishments completed, deliveries made and emergency call outs made.

Paul has worked for the company for over 4 years and although all vacancies are advertised internally at each of their operations throughout the South of England from Plymouth to Lincoln, he has actively used Kennedy Scott to help in the recruitment process. He maintains that apart from their experience and skills, all prospective employees must have empathy for their clients and any connection to or dealings with people with disabilities or a background in healthcare are always looked on favourably.

Paul said: “Millbrook Healthcare have worked with Kennedy Scott over the last 5 years helping us with our recruitment process and provided an excellent calibre of staff, many of whom are still with the company.”

As the company continues to expand and the operation in Hemel Hempstead looking to grow considerably over the next 6 months due to the successful bidding for new NHS contracts, Paul is very happy to continue the mutually beneficial relationship he has with Kennedy Scott.