Employer testimonial- Best Western Cumberland Hotel, Harrow

Susan Bourne, Operations Manager

Paul (KS Harrow Business Manager) contacted me to arrange a meeting, where he came and talked about Kennedy Scott and what they do. I was very impressed with Paul as an individual, and the organisation were professional.

I advised Paul that we may have a couple of vacancies coming up and would be in touch, the following week two positions became available; I contacted Paul to inform him of the vacancies. Paul mentioned that he would send me 10 CV’s within 24 hrs. I immediately arranged to meet all the candidates that were sent, the service KS provides is fast and responsive which is great for us.

We’ve been very pleased with the quality of the people Kennedy Scott has referred on the whole. KS does not send us people who have not been pre-screened or are not aware of the company- we find some great gems among those who are sent.

We measure people on their attitude to work and their personality, specifically their ‘customer service personality.’ We’re not looking to recruit anyone on their long-standing work history; we find employing candidates with customer service behaviours and a great attitude is more important.

Paul is a pleasure to deal with. Sometimes you speak to agencies and are passed around from person to person, so it’s great to have a consistent point of contact.

I think Kennedy Scott is offering a wonderful service to the local community, and I would encourage more employers to take advantage of it. It also makes us feel that we are working with the community, which is one of our strategic objectives.