Persistence pays off for Robert

Robert, was referred to Kennedy Scott’s Canterbury centre in April 2013. Robert has severe learning difficulties, and this was his main barrier to employment.

When Robert first came to Kennedy Scott he participated in activities at All Seasons (part of East Kent Enterprise Trust) and regularly attended job club days at the Umbrella mental health community centre. He had previously volunteered in a charity shop and a coffee shop, but his only ever form of paid employment had been a paper round.

Robert's Employment Consultant Alexandra said: "At our first meeting with Robert, his learning difficulties were apparent but after spending time getting to know Robert, his complete dedication to finding employment was obvious."

Robert was regularly securing and attending interviews, mostly for cleaning positions. He did everything he was asked to do to improve his job outcomes and remained adamant he would find work despite repeated knock backs.

Alexandra added: “Robert’s tenacity and complete commitment to finding work was infectious! He certainly made us work here too, reminding us of organisations we had considered for volunteering work for him and in turn making us push on his behalf.”

Kennedy Scott identified an opportunity for Robert to undertake a work placement through one of our local employer partners, Poundland.

Robert worked extremely hard during his placement and proved his worth and capability. Poundland were so impressed they gave him the opportunity to work on the tills. Robert’s till was never short- not even by a penny. On the back of this Poundland subsequently decided to recruit Robert. Once in paid employment Robert was soon working enough hours to come off benefits completely.

Alexandra said of Robert’s achievement: “Robert has done so well, he should be so proud of himself. He has proven to all of us, to himself, his family and to employers that just because someone has learning difficulties does not mean they should allow this to hold them back. Robert’s strong will, positivity, enormous drive and enthusiasm has got him to where he is today. He has proved to all of us that if you want something in life you can achieve it.”