Genette proves age is just a number

When Geanette arrived at Kennedy Scott's Birmingham centre in May she was concerned about finding employment. Despite being unemployed only three months, at 45 years old, she was anxious that her age would deter employers.

She said: “You work for most of your life, then find yourself out of work and think no one will want me now because I am too old.”

Geanette had previously enrolled onto an employability programme with a separate supplier but was unsuccessful in securing work, which led her to doubt Kennedy Scott’s Springboard programme.

But, her experience was positive from the start: “after the first week, I couldn’t wait to come in every week.”

With the help of Kennedy Scott, her computer literacy improved greatly, this helped when looking for jobs online. She said: I am not good on computers but in the first week I got lots of help, which made looking for jobs easier.”

With the help of her Advisor, Geanette looked for work and with her past experience as a Carer; it didn’t take long for her to secure employment. She began working at Highbury Nursing Home in August, two months into the job and Geanette’s future is looking bright: “I am over the moon I have now got a job; I can start planning for the future.