Lisa offered a different role after impressing at her interview

Despite suffering from cerebral palsy and having no previous paid employment, Lisa Duffin impressed at her job interview so much that despite not getting the job role she went into the interview for, Exceptio offered her a different role there and then.

Lisa was referred onto Kennedy Scott’s European Social Funded Specialist Employability Support, also known as SES in August 2018. SES is a programme funded by the European Social Fund, designed to help unemployed people with disabilities or long term health conditions find employment.

Despite being very intelligent and having an amazing education with degrees in MSc Business Intelligence systems/ Data Mining and BA business studies, at the time of referral she had never been in paid employment. Having Cerebral Palsy, Lisa struggles with her mobility and as such uses a wheelchair to aid her mobility, which has led to her struggling with Anxiety. She had done everything she could to find employment including undertaking voluntary work through the Job Centre and completing two work placements to no avail.

Whilst on the programme there were some ups and downs; Lisa on occasional felt overwhelmed, emotional, anxious and worried about what might happen. This was overcome by talking through Lisa’s worries and fears, ensuring that Lisa was kept informed at every step of the way and that communication was open and honest between Lisa and her Caseworker.

Lisa was invited to an interview by sock manufacturing company, Exceptio in Melton Mowbray for the position of Junior Administrator. To assist Lisa in this interview, Kennedy Scott covered the travel costs, and to offer moral support Lisa’s Employer Account Manager came with her. She was unsuccessful for the role of Junior Administrator; however she made such a good impression at the interview that Exceptio offered her a different position within the company. Discussions went on between Lisa, the employer and her caseworker in regard to hours and start date, which ultimately lead to Lisa agreeing to the offer.

In January 2019 Lisa started working for Exceptio as an Online Social Media Administrator, working 30 hours a week. To help her in this new role, Lisa’s Caseworker helped her apply for Access to Work, which is a grant that would help cover her travel to work, and while her application was being processed, Kennedy Scott provided her with funding for her travel for her first four weeks in employment. Lisa and her caseworker also identified some online training in using social media for work, which Lisa was keen to undertake.

When Lisa started her new role, she remained in constant contact with her caseworker as part of her in work support, ensuring she had a smooth transition into her new role. Lisa’s in work support will continue for another six months, helping her to not only feel comfortable when starting her new role, but able to sustain employment.