Funke finds a way to healthy employment

Funke, age 51, from London, joined Kennedy Scott’s European Social Funded Journey 2 Work programme in June 2018, Funke had been out of work for the past four years and was reluctant to change. In her initial assessment with her Journey Coach Mark, they had a more in depth discussion about Funke’s problems, exploring the reasons she had been unsuccessful in finding work. Funke informed Mark: “I never really enjoyed my previous jobs. I had a background in food study and this is something I really wanted to do, that’s why I probably never enjoyed my previous jobs, I was always being pushed by the Jobcentre to except the first available job”.

Over her time with Kennedy Scott, Mark’s continued discussions with Funke explored her background, further education and her interests. Mark was trying to find out from Funke, what work would be more suited to her, that way she would feel more comfortable and be able to sustain employment. Funke had identified that she had a passion for sport, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle; it was suggested to her about possible employers of choice to consider such as GNC the nutritionists to healthy stores such as Planet Organic or Wholefoods. Funke seemed unsure about working in a supermarket environment, as she was unable to handle some foodstuffs that would be a required part of a supermarket role. Mark took this on board and together they worked together to try and find a role that would suit her.

Funke said about the help she received from Kennedy Scott: “The help I received from them was great, if I ever had any problems or needed some advice I knew I could call, at one point I went on a two week course, and Kennedy Scott helped me out with the travel, which really helped me, especially because they would often come to see me at the course centre.

Mark identified an opportunity with Holland and Barrett, who were running a routeway into employment, which provides applicants with a two week taster session, ensuring both candidate and employer feel they would be a good match, but it is not a guaranteed job as the candidates would still have to undergo an interview at the end. They discussed the requirements of the role and what working for Holland and Barrett would entail, and due to her educational background they both thought this company would be a good fit for her. Funke agreed to go on the routeway which she completed successfully and was then offered an interview. The interview went well and Funke was offered the job of Store Associate which she started in July 2018.

Funke is now receiving in work support from Kennedy Scott, Mark said in regard to this: “Funke is doing really well, and she is really enjoying her job. It was just a case of finding the right job for her to help her sustain, rather than what she had previously experienced of being told to except the first job she could do. Funke said about her time with Kennedy Scott: “I would recommend Kennedy Scott to anyone the amount of help and support I received from them was great. I’m really enjoying my work with Holland and Barratt; I feel this job really suits me with my food background”.