Kennedy Scott gains Merlin re-accreditation

Kennedy Scott have recently become re-accredited against the Merlin Standard, with a rating of “Good” which came from a score of 82%.

The purpose of the Merlin Standard is to support the development, recognition, and promotion of sustainable excellence, and positive partnership working within supply chains. It is built upon 8 fundamental and integrated Principles: Design, Procure, Contract, Funding, Develop, Performance Manage, QA & Compliance, and Review & Close.

Our assessment was undertaken by two assessors, over 1.5 days and involved them speaking to 72% of our Tier 2 Supply Chain partners, in addition to a representative sample of potential and past Supply Chain Partners. They also interviewed Kennedy Scott staff, who were involved in the strategic and day-to-day management of the supply chain in order to enable a full understanding of the delivery model, as well as how our systems and processes are implemented.

The assessors identified we were strong in encouraging our Partners to identify and work with organisations outside of the immediate supply chain to support customers at a local level. They also identified that we encourage prospective partners to join our partnership network and consequently the network provides Partners with access to an even wider network to meet specific customer needs. In addition our Circle of Support© delivery model which is embedded within Kennedy Scott’s delivery of DWP/ESF Specialist Employability Support and DWP/ESF Help to Work, which encourages active working relationships to be developed further.

Our fantastic increase in score by 15% is the highest the assessors had seen against the new Merlin Standard, which was revised in January 2018 and evidences the hard work completed between this assessment and our previous in September 2016. This result is especially good considering many organisations in the sector are either seeing their scores stay the same or decrease against their previous assessment result.

Louise Evans, Business Development Manager for Kennedy Scott and Joint Coordinator for the reaccreditation review said “I am overjoyed by the result we have received for our Merlin Standard reaccreditation, which not only demonstrates the support we provide our supply chain partners but also evidences the improvements we have put in place since our original assessment in September 2016. Kennedy Scott are proud that as one of DWP’s smaller primes, we are able to show that we are able to build and maintain a supply chain as effectively as larger organisations in the sector.”

Kennedy Scott owes particular thanks to their staff and Supply Chain Partners (current, future and past) who supported them both before and during the assessment process. You can find our full report here.