Kennedy Scott CEO Teresa Scott awarded an OBE

Teresa Scott, the inspirational founder of Kennedy Scott, was awarded an OBE for her three decades of dedication to the training and employability support sector.

Under Teresa’s leadership as CEO, the Kennedy Scott Circle Of Support© model brings together key figures in an individual’s life to provide sustained support for that person’s journey into work. The organisation is particularly successful helping people with disabilities, those living with conditions such as Asperger’s syndrome, or comparative mental health issues secure new careers.

Upon being named in the New Year’s Honours list, Teresa commented: “I am humbled to be recognised in the New Year’s Honours List but, I believe this award really is recognition of our organisation’s pursuit and dedication to employment opportunities for all.

Teresa added “Through the collective focus of our team and all the hard work and dedication of the staff, Kennedy Scott changes lives every day and I am incredibly proud of the work we do and the inspirational people I see every day.”

Teresa explained: “For some people with disabilities or mental health issues, the mere thought of getting up and going to work is a long-held dream.

“But with the right support and small adjustments to their workplace, they can do just that – and employers can therefore choose from a wider pool of talented individuals who are no longer held back by a disability, anxiety or learning difficulties.

“Perceptions on disabilities in the workplace are changing and employers are helping lead in this. It is vital we continue on this path, and I believe the type of work carried out by Kennedy Scott, through innovative ideas such as the Circle of Support, will continue to bring about positive change.”