Kennedy Scott Receives the Merlin Standard Accreditation

Kennedy Scott was delighted to receive the Merlin Standard Accreditation this month, in acknowledgement of the company’s work with its supply chain to deliver quality employability services to jobseekers across the UK.

The Merlin Standard, developed collaboratively by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the employability sector, champions fair treatment of partners and subcontractors by Prime Contractors to ensure the development of healthy, high performing supply chains.

Kennedy Scott first became a supply chain manager in August 2015 as a national Prime Contractor on the DWP’s Specialist Employability Support programme, which provides personalised employment support for jobseekers with complex health conditions.

The company also manages a supply chain of specialist and end-to-end partners to deliver OxForward, a voluntary programme offering wellbeing and employability support to adults living in Oxfordshire.

The Merlin Standard is based upon the principles of supply chain design, commitment, conduct, and review, and assessment involves a review of policies and processes as well as interviews with staff, supply chain partners and prospective delivery partners.

Kennedy Scott’s key strengths evidenced in the report lie within “supply chain design, collaboration, cooperation and communication”, and “business principles and honouring commitments”.

A significant strength noted by assessors was: “Partners are provided with access to an extensive range of learning and development activities to support the delivery of the contract, which starts with an in-depth induction through to continually building upon the knowledge and skills of the delivery staff, which includes a range of workshops, webinars, one-to-one support”.

CEO and founder of Kennedy Scott, Teresa Scott said: “I am delighted that Kennedy Scott has been awarded the Merlin Standard, especially as this was our first year of managing diverse supply chains across the country”.

“It was hugely encouraging to hear such positive feedback from our supply chain partners, who have welcomed our open and transparent approach to working together to deliver the best possible service for our customers”.

One partner praised Kennedy Scott’s “excellent communication,” whilst another described Kennedy Scott as “very transparent and flexible”.

During interview stage, many partners expressed that they had chosen to work with Kennedy Scott based on our shared ethics, values and behaviours.

According to one partner: “Ethical values between us are very apparent, even though we are a charity and Kennedy Scott is a private organisation”.

A copy of the full report can be found here.

Partnering with Kennedy Scott

Kennedy Scott works with a diverse range of partners, including private and third sector organisations. Our partnership arrangements include end-to-end subcontracting, paid specialist service provision, and complementary signposting.

We seek partners who share our strong values and possess complementary skills, infrastructure and experience to our own, and we offer our partners robust hands-on support and best practice sharing.

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