Leading from the front: health, disability and employment support conference

On Thursday 17 March, Kennedy Scott’s Bid Director, Peter Bacon, was a guest speaker at the health, disability and employment support conference jointly held by ERSA and the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP).

Peter spoke alongside Lawrence Mahmood from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) about supporting employees, including those with health conditions, to stay in work, in-turn producing benefits for individuals, their employers and government budgets. The hour-long session also focused on in-work progression and ways in which employees can be supported to reach their potential, with the vast majority of those stuck in low-pay being women. Speaking about in-work progression he said: “A job-start is often seen as the end of the journey by the sector, but it is only the beginning.”

The annual event held in Birmingham was attended by Civil Servants, including the Minister for Disabled People, charities and organisations from across the country in the health and employment support sector.

The government’s focus has been increasingly growing on jobseekers with health needs and disabilities and the aim of the conference was to prepare providers for the integration of health and employment provision and the most effective approaches to supporting individuals with diverse health and disability related needs into work.

Also in attendance were both of Kennedy Scott’s CEOs, Teresa Scott, FIEP and Dan Wright, MIEP.