Kennedy Scott announce they are the first provider of the government's new pan-disability programme to get someone into work

It has been announced by DWP officials that Kennedy Scott is the first provider of the government’s pan-disability Specialist Employability Support programme to achieve a 13 week Short-Job Outcome.

Kennedy Scott is one of six prime providers of the national disability employment programme and that has since September 2015, been delivered from both Kennedy Scott centres and across an extensive YMCA Training centre network.

The company puts their success largely down to their highly innovate ‘Circle of Support Model.’ The model is a holistic customer-centred approach that is highly effective in helping disabled jobseekers with the most complex barriers into employment.

Kennedy Scott Employment Consultants work with every relevant person in a jobseeker’s life, who has a part to play in helping the customer overcome their barriers to ensure maximum support as they progress into sustainable careers. This includes a KS Caseworker, a KS Employer Account Manager, a YMCA Activity Coordinator, friends, families, GPs, social workers and disability specialists.

This multidisciplinary approach has been common in NHS provision for some time, including in dementia care, where evaluations have demonstrated consistently improved outcomes. However, Kennedy Scott’s innovation is to bring the methodology into employment support provision. This draws on the expertise of both internal and external experts where specialist services are embedded within their centres.

A significant benefit is that the ‘Circle of Support’ remains in place even when Kennedy Scott’s role has officially ended, providing a continuous bedrock of support, and ensures a sustained commitment to progression.

The two-year contract will support 735 people with disabilities, of which more than a third are expected to go into sustainable work.

The Short-Job Outcome was achieved by the company’s Yorkshire and Humberside team, which saw 25 year-old Huddersfield dad, David get back into work, following a four year struggle to secure permanent employment. After being referred to Kennedy Scott by his local Jobcentre Plus and with the support of SES, he was able to return to the hospitality industry and secured a permanent position as a Chef.