Karl is making headlines after securing a job at his local newsagents

A Leeds dad's four-year-search for sustainable work has ended, thanks to Kennedy Scott's Specialist Employability Support programme, which is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

Karl, 27, has successfully secured a part-time position as a Sales Assistant at national convenience store and newsagents, McColl's. A veteran and single father to his 8-year-old son, he had struggled to find work after leaving the army five years ago.

Karl was referred to Kennedy Scott’s Specialist Employability Support programme in 2015 by his local Job Centre Plus. At this time, he was suffering from low self-esteem as a result of not being able to secure permanent employment. To help Karl overcome this barrier and improve his confidence his Caseworker, Steve, provided intensive 1-2-1 support.

Karl’s main concern was that he wouldn’t be able to find employment which was flexible and understanding of his childcare responsibilities, this was a crucial point that his Caseworker took onboard. In the meantime, Activities Coordinator, Leon arranged training and development to help Karl progress.

Committed throughout the programme to finding his next career, it didn’t take long for Karl to secure an interview with McColls. Kennedy Scott assisted Karl financially so that he could buy interview clothing and shoes. After impressing the store Manager, he went on to secure a 16 hour contract. His Manager is flexible and his shifts are arranged around the care of his son. This means Karl can take his child to school in the morning and spend time with him in the evenings.

Kennedy Scott continues to support Karl, who is delighted to be back in work and is currently looking at future career progression within the company. Karl’s Caseworker has noted his improved confidence and happiness as a result of being back in work.

*SES is part- funded by the European Social Fund