Top tips for job Interview success

Congratulations, so you've impressed with your application and landed a job interview. Here are our ten top tips to help you succeed in getting the job:

1. Research the company as much as possible and try to mention a few discoveries in your interview – it will show initiative and you will stand out from the crowd.

2. Dress smartly – you only have one chance to make a first impression and you want it to be a good one.

3. Keep hair tidy and clean and ensure all clothes are fresh - stale body odour will not win you any points.

4. Ensure you take your C.V. and Covering Letter or Job Application Letter with you to the interview and check over it before you go in.

5. Arrive at least fifteen minutes early to ensure you can check your appearance and read through your application/notes beforehand.

6. Make sure you have some notes which cover the top ten points you are good at – you can always refer to these if they are written in a small note book and are brief.

7. Keep good eye contact throughout as anything else does not come across as trustworthy.

8. Prepare for some likely questions – Why did you leave your last job? Why are you interested in working for Jones and Jones? What skills do you have that are relevant to this position?

9. If you have been unemployed for some time expect to be asked why and prepare a good answer. People who have been caring for a relative or children growing up is not a negative and it shows you have a compassionate and caring nature and, in the case of running a home, some excellent organisational skills to offer a company. In the case of a student's first job, make sure you highlight all your relevant extra-curricular experience at school or college, hobbies, sports etc.

10. Make sure you ask some questions at the end and avoid questions about salary or holidays this gives the wrong impression. Ask what opportunities there may be for promotion,or what training do they offer. Give the impression you want to get on, even if it is an entry level job – the only way is up and they want to know if you are setting your sights on staying and growing with the company.