Chris is back in work after two decades of unemployment

Chris, 34, from Dover had been out of work since 1999 due to health issues and was referred to Kennedy Scott's Work Programme.

Having a previous criminal record and a gap of unemployment spanning over a decade on his CV there was a lack of response to his applications. Chris also had personal commitments, looking after his young son and an unwell mother. However Chris was motivated and keen to get back into employment, determined to turn his life around.

Employment Consultant Magdi from the Dover centre worked closely with Chris helping to rewrite his CV and assisting him with creating a covering letter. Magdi then booked him into various workshops such as confidence building and mock interviews. Chris was also booked into an introduction to IT course to sharpen his IT skills and gain some qualification.

Magdi said: “I worked closely with Chris, helping him apply for various jobs and any job applications he needed help with."

She continued: “Kennedy Scott Dover picked up a number of Refuse Collector jobs through Blue Sky Development and Regeneration and I helped Chris complete one of their applications whilst in the centre.”

Chris was prepped for a phone interview and after being successful at this stage, he was prepped for a face-to-face interview moving forward to the next stage of the application.

Magdi said: “I ensured Chris was fully prepared for the telephone interview and also ready for a face-to-face interview provided his application is taken further.

“After successfully passing both his telephone and the face-to-face interview, Chris was invited to attend a company induction where he impressed the employer and as a result he was offered a full-time position.”

Kennedy Scott provided Chris with travel expenses so he could get to and from work for the first couple of weeks and since Chris's success he has continued to grow. He is in the process of being promoted to a permanent employee with more responsibilities. He has since visited Kennedy Scott to thank staff for all their guidance and support. Chris thanked staff, telling them he could not have done it without them and is now looking forward to a successful career where he is in the position to better provide for his son.