New job gives Jason a fresh start

Jason, 44, was made jobless when his contract with the Royal Mail was terminated after ten years service. Jason had been a hardworking and loyal employee working as a postman. Jason was out of work for a few years before he was referred to Kennedy Scott Dover on the Work Programme in July 2013.

This break in employment made re-entering the work force slightly challenging for Jason. As part of the service provided by Kennedy Scott Jason was given support and advice on completing his CV and job applications. He was booked an “interview techniques” workshop to strengthen his interview skills. This was followed by a “job search” workshop which discussed the importance of regularly applying for jobs as well as covering different ways on how to apply for various job opportunities.

Following these workshops Jason began actively seeking employment by registering with various job sites and using the Universal Jobmatch site as well as looking on local newspaper websites. Jason had a preference for a driving job or delivery person and in October 2013, three months after his referral, Jason was invited to attend an interview at Iceland and he subsequently passed two interviews for a driver’s position. Sadly, this offer was withdrawn as Jason did not have the paper driving license back from DVLA in time.

Employment Consultant Magdi said: “This was of course very disappointing news for Jason and naturally his confidence was slightly knocked.”

However Jason was determined to get back into employment and began attending the Kennedy Scott centre more regularly, taking part in a number of supportive job search sessions and making good use of the facilities provided by the Dover centre. Jason registered with different local recruitment agencies and continued applying for various opportunities including retail and warehouse work.

Kennedy Scott’s Area Commercial Manager contacted the Dover centre making them aware of a warehouse role which had just become available at Bookers in Folkestone.

Magdi said: “Instantly the job opportunity was very appealing to Jason and with his permission I emailed Jason’s CV across to the ACM who then directly liaised with the manager of the company.”

After successfully passing the initial group interview, as well as the work trial, Jason was offered a job beginning in May 2014 working 16 hours a week.

“I also completed a ‘better off in work calculation’ so Jason was fully aware of what he would be entitled to when he returned to paid employment.

“We also provided Jason with travel money so he was able to travel to and from work for the first three weeks of his employment.”

Jason’s hard work and dedication paid off, just a week into his job his hours were increased to over 30 hours a week.

Since his success with securing a job Jason has attended the centre a few times and advised staff that he is extremely satisfied with the outcome and is very much enjoying his new job at Bookers. Kennedy Scott has continued to support him by keeping in touch with both Jason and his employer, on a regular basis.

Jason said: “I am grateful and thankful for all the help provided to me by Magdi as well as the whole Kennedy Scott team in Dover. Without their help and continuous support I would not have been able to secure this position, thank you.”