Worthing MP Peter Bottomley hails Kennedy Scott's role in quiet revolution in local employment

On Friday 12 December Worthing West MP Sir Peter Bottomley joined Kennedy Scott staff, customers and local employers to celebrate the local Work Programme provider’s 25th anniversary and to see first-hand the training and support it offers to help the long-term unemployed.

Bottomley praised the work of Kennedy Scott staff in Worthing congratulating the company on their “25 year record of success."

He said: “Kennedy Scott are an important part of the quiet revolution in employment that has been happening in Worthing throughout this government.

“Since May 2010 the number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance in Worthing has fallen by nearly two thirds.

“I’d like to thank Kennedy Scott for their work delivering the Work Programme and helping the unemployed in our town back into work.

“Kennedy Scott staff demonstrate a remarkable commitment to those they work with and have one of the best delivery rates in the country.

“Falling unemployment in Worthing is a reflection of the success of the Government’s long term economic plan and the hard work of local people and businesses who are creating growth and opportunity in our area.”

Sir Peter was given a tour of Kennedy Scott’s Chatsworth Road based centre before joining the reception. He met with current customers as they looked for work and spoke with former customers who had been helped into jobs through the Work Programme.

The MP presented a series of awards at the packed event, including to Kellie for “Customer Achievement.”

Kellie had had a difficult time at school and left before taking her GCSEs. After a short time as a cleaner she found herself unemployed and on Job Seekers Allowance for over two years.

Kellie said: “Unemployment was by no means a lifestyle choice for me. I was stuck in a rut and couldn’t move forward without help.

"It was demoralising and confidence destroying having nothing to do each day and no future to look forward to, and really hard to look for work.

"I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was referred to the Work Programme, but Kennedy Scott focused on my needs and helped me go down the path I wanted to.

“I really wanted to get into administration, but had struggled to get the experience needed. Now I have qualifications, experience, a full time job, my own place to live and real career prospects for the future."

Other award winners included Employment Consultant Andreas Hummell for his dedication and progression within the company, and Lancing Business Park based employer Shoreham Vehicle Auctions for their flexibility working with customers with complex barriers to work and for employing 11 Kennedy Scott customers this year.

Founder and Chief Executive of Kennedy Scott, Teresa Scott said:

“This is a rare opportunity to recognise our dedicated and passionate staff team in Worthing, as well as our many customer success stories.

"Many of our customers face significant challenges as they seek to get back to work - some have serious health problems, others are long term unemployed or have spent time in prison. They need the kind of individualised holistic support Kennedy Scott can offer.

"Getting a job takes perseverance and courage and we are very proud of every person we have helped to turn their lives around.”