Kennedy Scott to deliver the government's new nationwide Specialist Employment Scheme to help disabled people into work

Pre-employment services firm Kennedy Scott have today been awarded a prime contract to deliver the Government’s new Specialist Employment Scheme to help disabled people into work.

The Specialist Employability Support (SES) programme is a new national provision, designed to help unemployed disabled adults who are furthest away from the labour market into employment.

Responding to the announcement made by the Minister for Disabled People, Mark Harper, earlier today, Kennedy Scott Founder and CEO Teresa Scott said:

“Kennedy Scott are delighted to have won a prime contract to deliver the government’s Specialist Employability Support programme across the country.

“To deliver the programme, Kennedy Scott will team up with the YMCA, using their facilities and sharing their knowledge of the participant group to reach and help as many people as possible.

“Though a collaborative approach with YMCA, Kennedy Scott will be able to roll out our innovative, holistic and integrated model, which has a proven record of success in comparative provision under the current Work Choice programme.

“Today’s announcement represents a significant milestone for Kennedy Scott, as this is a nationwide Prime contract, working directly for DWP.

“The work has been won on the back of the strong reputation that Kennedy Scott has developed for our past work with disabled participants and it is a remarkable testament to the capability, growth and success of our organisation.”

The new Specialist Employability Support (SES) scheme will take over from the current provision offered through contracts with Residential Training Colleges from 1 September 2015.

Participants on the SES programme will be offered employability and skills training which will include support in CV writing, confidence and motivation building classes, condition management advice and a job brokering service.

Kennedy Scott will also help co-ordinate participant care by working with their support networks, including their GPs, social workers, JCP DEAs, families and friends, to ensure a practical and sustainable means of getting them in to employment.

The DWP anticipates that SES will support 1,700 disabled people each year and get 1,250 disabled people into work over the initial two year contract. The scheme also aims to develop links with Work Choice and Work Programme providers as well as specialist voluntary organisations.

Announcing the programme this morning, the Minister for Disabled People, Mark Harper said:

“While the improvement in the disability employment rate is fantastic news, there is of course more we need to do to support disabled people into work.

“That is why we are bringing in this new programme, opening up more places for disabled people – as well as more choice in how they access support.

“Through this approach we will continue to break down the barriers for disabled people in work, so they can provide themselves with the security of a regular wage.”