Elevate Slough

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Elevate Slough is part of Elevate Berkshire, an employment and skills programme funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). The programme was set up to help you if you are unemployed, aged 16-24 and living in Slough or the surrounding area. You will be given the tools and help you need to progress towards employment, education or training.

Employment - Elevate Berkshire is designed with young people in mind, putting our wealth of experience to good use helping you find work. We will be looking into apprenticeships, traineeships, internships and work experience. Our goal is to help you get onto the first rung of the ladder to a potential career, gaining that vital support and experience you need to help you develop your skills within the work environment.

Education – If you struggled at school and could do with some help with basic literacy and numeracy we can help you with that by providing the option to improve literacy and numeracy skills with our partners. There will also be access to ESOL support with our partners for those who require it.

Training – If you are interested in the possibility of some vocational training to help you succeed in the field you would like to work in, we can help with that. We will be looking to help you by providing access to vocational training with our partners, enabling you to be better equipped to find a job in your chosen field.

How we help

  • You will be listened to and we will take the time to understand your life, needs and goals.
  • You will be assigned to an Employment Development Worker as a single point of contact, specially trained to help you overcome any barriers you may have to help you into work.
  • You will be helped to build on your skills and practical tools for job searching, including interviews and making a professional looking CV.
  • You will be offered advice on self-employment if you would like to start your own company, and you would like to explore this in greater detail.
  • You will get help looking for work experience and jobs which match your skills and goals. You will never be asked to do anything that isn’t right for you, and we will work with employers to get the right workplace support to help you.
  • You will have an individual action plan created for you and tailored to your needs.
  • You will be offered the chance to do some training if you need your skills increasing, offering access to courses in literacy, numeracy and ESOL with our partners. Access to vocational training with our partners will also be an option for you if you wish to increase your knowledge in a chosen subject.

If you are interested or wish to find out more information then contact our team on 01304201213 or elevateslough@kennedyscott.co.uk

If you know someone in this situation and wish to refer them check out this leaflet for details.